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about YannLatour.


I’m an artist...plain and simple...It reflects in every single thing I do. It is stronger than me and there is nothing I can do about it...Love it or Hate it, HA! 

I have been involved with a bunch of different projects over the years Music, Painting and even Fabrication...Anything that inspires me!



I live and breathe Music...I cannot live without it. Always creating, learning & evolving thru various projects... It plays a MAJOR role in my life. Composing for TV/Film & Video games, Rock, Metal, Electro...This is what I do...This is who i am. Scrolling will give you a glimpse at the Current & Past projects.

Currently in Production

GALAXY EXPRESS is the brainchild of Writer/Director/Puppet creator Peter Bond. An EPIC Space adventure filled with practical FX & Creature puppets. Follow Captain Drake and Navigator Mr. Frogi on a TOTALLY RAD ride thru Space as they take on an impossible mission...

First series Episode (pilot) Sector 27 is currently in Post Production.

Patience...More info coming soon

After 2 years of hard work, We finally present this GEM to the world. The immersive Cyberpunk Point & Clic adventure game ENCODYA. (available on STEAM and GOG

Along with this incredibly beautiful game, I'm am also very proud to announce the release of the ENCODYA Original Soundtrack in both Digital format and ULTRA LIMITED Vinyl format.


Welcome to the incredible world of ULTREIA, A beautiful dystopian Point & Clic adventure game. Follow Nymo on his wild quest to find the meaning of Life...and Death!!


Out now. Get it on Steam


Dark, Jazzy & Ambient. The ULTREÏA Video Game Original Soundtrack is truly a "textural" experience. Out now on your favourite Digital Platform.


Robot Will Protect You

The beautiful multiple award winning Sci-fi/Cyberpunk short anime

by Italian director/animator Nicola Piovesan.

(story by Matt Willis-Jones)

ATTACK OF THE CYBER OCTOPUSES is an awesome Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk short film by the very talented Writer/Director/Producer Nicola Piovesan. Songs below are featured in the "behind the scenes/making of" documentary.

Walk the Alley/AOTCO - YannLatour
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MarbleScreamer/AOTCO - YannLatour
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All Videos



Indian ink, acrylics, aerosol and rust...YA RUST!! On Canvas. 

**Drag across the pictures for a brief description...and price